Cubus is one of the largest clothing stores in Scandinavia. I helped design their new responsive e-commerce site.

As a junior on this project, I helped extend the visual language defined by our design lead. My focus was on implementing this on the mobile experience and explore how it could be translated to the icons.

The project was awarded the EPiServer Special Award 2014 for its exceptional execution.

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  • Cubus splash
Cubus grid l1
Cubus grid s1
Cubus grid s2

Iconography based off of the Cubus logo

The shape starting point for all icons was the shape of the letter C in their logo. The open ended lines and rounded end points give the icons a distinct character while maintaining the visual cues currently in place.

Cubus grid l2
Cubus mobile menu
Cubus icon menu
Cubus icon bag

This typographic design let the clothes speak for themselves, emphasized by subtle details to simplify interaction

The best example of this is the line-height between the menu items. It is designed to be big enough to give each menu item the space it needs to be easy to tap.