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Shopping is a tab in Klarna’s consumer app that lets consumers use Klarna’s payment products everywhere, not only where merchants have chosen Klarna for their checkout.

In short we combine as many technologies such as ML and AI to achieve clever automations that reduce the friction in common consumer touch points, all to provide a smoother shopping experience. Examples of features and ideas are automatic form-filling, saving items to wish lists and notifying people when items on their wish list drops in price.

My role.

I was the first designer working with this brand-new ambition that meant I had a closely-knit collaboration with my PM, development team and CXO's. The work was a lot about visualizing all the ambitions from our Product Director, doing competitive analysis, performing user tests and defining what we would launch short-term while also figuring out what we »could« be long-term.

The actual work.

During my time we set the foundation for three core features: The in-app browser, the Home screen and the One-time card flow.

Klarna shopping home

The Home screen.

The Home screen is a simple translation of our popular shop directory. While in the long-run the Home screen could contain a vast amount of tailored content, we know that many consumers already go to our shop directory on the web to find stores that already have Klarna in their checkout. So we initially launched a page mimicking this and adding in your personal stores that we know you are already buying at.

Another concept I was pursuing here was around treating it more as a mix of “your favourite stores” meets inspiration, similar to what the Apple’s App store is doing with their editorial content.

Klarna shopping one time card card view

The One-time card.

This feature is at the core of the entire Shopping section. The one-time card is actually a safer payment method for users since it means that they won’t enter their personal payment details on any page but rather the card that we create. This card that we create will only be valid for one purchase, for the amount your buying, at the store you are currently on.

Klarna shopping form filling

One-time Card creation.

The concept of one-time card creation is simple in theory but the concept is quite tricky to explain to consumers so we had to find a way to provide an overview of what they'll be doing while providing the inputs. Initially the flow had three steps but no initial overview, this solution instead provide an immediate idea of what the user has to provide.

Klarna shopping browser open

The in-app browser.

The browser is a requirement for many of our technical solutions, such as the form-filling, and is used in several other parts of the app when we need to render third-party web content but want to keep the user in our app.

Challenges and learnings.

In this section I'll cover some of the challenges and learning involved in defining, designing and getting these features out there.

Klarna shopping intersection domains

Finding, optimizing and pushing constraints, together.

One of the main challenges was to discover the boundaries of our ideas in order to design something optimal given the possibilities we had. I am a firm believer that a good minimum viable product is born from a solid understanding of the constraints in place and goals in mind. It’s only then you can truly optimise something. These challenges are not something I solve by myself, it is a team effort involving many competences in engineering, business and design. It is when these 3 perspectives find common in ground in where they can push themself, that something truly valuable is born.