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Volvo Polestar is an exclusive series of cars tuned by Polestar—Volvo Cars’ Performance Brand. They are sold in a limited number and represent the créme de la créme of Performance.

As the Visual Designer on this project I was in charge of the design direction. This meant that I got the opportunity to not only define the visual direction but also direct assisting designers overseas and freelancers in-house. I guided them in their work and gave them necessary feedback to ensure that the design aligned with the system in place.

“He handled it greatly and the implementation was a great success” — Performance Review at R/GA

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The Polestar Campaign page

The campaign page is the entry point for both the Polestar campaign and vehicles. I directed the visual design and introduced two new modules: A Soundcloud and a ”Story Stream” module.

The Design Direction

In the beginning of the Polestar project I was asked to put together a suggestion based off of work I was currently doing on other product pages. This experience helped me understand where the Polestar project “fits” visually in comparison to generic product pages. Since the Polestar cars are not just “any car”, they required something different.

On our exclusive and intriguing Concept Cars section we use a black theme—could that perhaps be the kind of “different” we're looking for? To get a feel for it I applied it to the Polestar page. After presenting it, both the team and the client appreciated it and agreed that this was the direction we should move forward with.

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The Soundcloud Module

To communicate the performance of Polestar the client was interested in integrating the sound of one of their engines. I suggested that we look into what customisations Soundcloud offers for their embedded players.

It was crucial that the player supported enough customisation and was subtly branded to fit within the eco system.

Volvo polestar campaign soundcloud 4ae66c9097b74de6372eaff01658a903ea66ec0f38e998d58ee5b584616a061d

The Polestar product pages

The vehicles in the Polestar series are presented in detail on their own product page, following the same system promoting their exterior features and performance differences.

Ordering your Polestar

A crucial part of the Polestar pages was the Order flow. To avoid the sharp contrast of white text on black, we used a lighter shade of grey that helps paragraphs mellow down.

Overview of the Order flow.
  • Volvo polestar campaign orderflow 2be7a64a7015843b8a799d790734fc212019877e5198f59afdaca59d3ee5fcd4

Navigation module

Designed to be intrigueful, for the times where the regular menu lacks the necessary punch and you want to display an overview of similar yet different cars.

The different states of the navigation module.
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  • Volvo polestar hero 2 6b685070aa3ad98c3e563436e80ec2a237528b83965fb9faea355fa56038cbf6
  • Volvo polestar hero 3 2b7b1eda99da6175f58a945056e94a66b45dbfafd65169973b7372d0957b4a44

Story Stream module

A big part of the Polestar campaign was presenting key mentions of Polestar, the campaign and their cars. This was managed through the tool StoryStream, from where we fetched social media data. I designed the module used for presenting this.

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Overview of the Story Stream cards.
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