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The Story Stream module presents curated activity from selected social media platforms supported by, a content curation tool & social media aggregator.

I was responsible for the visual design of this module and handed it over for development at our office. I reviewed the final implementation and this module was then included into the Polestar project.

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Designing the Cards

Starting with the bare minimum, a Story Stream card is built from the ground up in order to grow organically with the content it receives.

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First incorporating the essentials…

The first thing I did was looking into what content the Story Stream delivers, specifically which parts are prescent for all posts. I then designed the first card containing only this:

  • Text
  • Author
  • Profile image
  • Icon
  • Date
  • Source
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I then grew the design from there

On top of that most posts contain an image or a video. I also found that most videos also contain a Title. Based on that I then extended the minimal card above with these attributes:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Title
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The White theme

Since the design system supports two themes, I designed that as well with the system from the dark theme in mind.

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