Type design


Inspired by techno—built with minimalism. This chunky typeface began as a logo for a friend. Its simplicity made me realize that the logo could be turned into a typeface quite easily.

The process of making it meant defining a system for it and learning Fontographer. In the process I got to work hands on with kerning and optical corrections. And discover the challenges of designing numbers.

The Shapes

“To get into Berghain.. just wear a black t-shirt. Black is techno.”
— My Techno friend Robin
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The Y?

I started with the why, literally. The Y. This letter was the starting point and it is influenced by the quote above. My gut was screaming «make it fat!», like a fat black weight. This became the inspiration for the remaining lettershapes.

«When the idea of making a font came I knew that its design system had to be simple and fast to work with—else I would never finish.»
Yudi detail 2 f2fc9612add0c8bed3fc547054dcce51ada711fda1673cc46e169f5266fa0a9d

To maintain as fat shapes as possible I thought a lot about how subtly I could differentiate the shapes from one another. The idea of wedging came to mind as that would be a fast way of chipping some “character” into each character.

«I jokily told a friend that the typeface is inspired by space, “something truly timesless.»

To the right is an image of the shapes I started working with when wedging along from A to Z. In retrospect I realize that these shapes hold a similarity to stars when photographed with a long exposure time. I jokily told a friend that the typeface is inspired by space, “something truly timeless”.

The YUDI wedging system.
  • Yudi detail 3 e8e8ea2e6cf64ef889fbbfe92fc155584c031c070632aa3ca1b384bd1611fc12
  • Yudi detail 4 4865494c3a11dc35e7b99fd75a095efbc91e3d2a50c21e6fb2a5babccf7392bb